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The Missing Method Note Reading Book 1

Book 1:

The Open Position

Whether you are new to guitar or an experienced player, this first book of The Missing Method™ for Guitar Note Reading Series will give you everything you need to play confidently in the open position, exploring every note from the open strings all the way to the fourth fret, in all 12 keys!

The Missing Method Note Reading Series Book 2

Book 2:

The 5th Position

Go where no method book has gone before! Learn to read and play guitar music beyond the open position, in all 12 keys!

Missing Method 3

Book 3:

The 9th Position

You’ve learned the open position. You’ve learned the 5th position. Now take your reading to the next level and learn to read in the 9th position, again in all 12 keys!

Missing Method 4

Book 4:

Crossover Positions

Now that you’ve learned all the notes from the open strings to the 12th fret, it’s time to lean the crossover positions, filling the final pieces of the fretboard puzzle. This book connects the open and fifth positions and then connects the overlapping fifth and ninth positions, forming two separate crossover positions.

Book 5:

12th Position & Beyond

You’ve learned to play up to the 12th fret. Now take the next step and explore the rest of the neck, up to the 20th fret. This book will teach you to read the highest notes on the guitar. Discover for yourself why this part of the neck is called the virtuoso region!

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